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Conservatory Blinds

To maintain a more even heat in your conservatory, conservatory roof blinds or conservatory window blinds could be the answer. As well as providing the shading and privacy you require, conservatory blinds add a cosy feel to your conservatory.

Conservatory Window Blinds

Almost any style of blind can be used in a conservatory, but vertical blinds remain the favourite for the side windows. This is due to one vertical blind being able to cover a larger area than any other style of blind thus reducing the cost. Vertical blinds can also easily be positioned to allow maximum light into the conservatory, while maintaining your privacy. Stylish and practical, they are the obvious choice.

Conservatory Roof Blinds

When it comes to glass conservatory roofs, pleated blinds are the most common choice. Modern pleated blind fabrics come with Solar Reflective Coatings, to reduce heat transfer and reflect damaging UV rays. If you have a polycarbonate roof, Solar Inserts may be the answer. With zero maintenance and a ten year guarantee, they are sunglasses for conservatories.

Conservatory Blinds Milton Keynes

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Conservatory Blinds Milton Keynes, Beds, Herts & Bucks